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but we should look for fog along the east bay as well, along hayward and oakland. you can see the visibility is down to nothing at half moon bay and six miles at the san carlos airport. headed out this morning, look if clouds and dense fog in the valleys and along the coast and mid-60's to the upper 70's around the bay. a big warm-up today and the fog comes back tonight and we have a rainy weekend. >> good morning, everyone, we will check on our commute. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday, right now we have a live look outside at the tolls on the bay bridge. it looks like the follow is blanketing the area and traffic is moving through pretty well over there. the golden gate bridge shows fog cleared. now as we head over to menlo park we have an accident involving a couple of cars and deer unfortunately northbound 280. we do not see any slowing and it has been pushed to the right shoulder. >> thank you, leyla gulen. developing news, the richmond police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a gunman who shot a baby boy in the neck.
are starting out with a few clouds around, and that is keeping the temperatures up in san francisco and oakland, and 51 in oakland, and 48 in san carlos and 47 in san jose. it was really cold yesterday morning and we were so warm in the afternoon. today, changes come in with cooler afternoon highs, and a few more clouds in the sea breezes, well, the sea breeze should pick up by the afternoon, a lot like yesterday. so, with a little bit of fog this morning, we are looking at some of the visibility reduced in napa and santa rosa, and talking about partly cloudy and cooler this afternoon, with a better chance of rain toward the end of the week. santa rosa is quarter-mile visibility, and four miles in napa and the rest of the bay is fine but we are warming this morning than yesterday. in fact, we are six degrees warmer in oakland and two degrees warmer in san jose. high pressure is still holding on but it is eventually sliding to the east. as it does, by the middle of the week, we will go out for a southern flow and a couple of weak systems to the north to get awfully close to the bay. the rest of
of track were re-opened in ten minutes. >> oakland police are searching for the person would shot and killed a san francisco mannerlily yesterday morning near 9th and clay in oakland, just blocks arm from police headquarters. the same was in his car when he got into a dispute with people inside another vehicle. they ended up shooting him. his car crashed and officers pronounced him dead at the seen. this is oakland's 17th homicide of the year. last year at this time oakland had 24 homicides. >> three local cities are considering laws to reduce plastic bags. council members in redwood city vote on a ban in retail stores that takes effect next month if approved. san carlos will adopt an ordinance tonight requiring the use of re-usable bags throughout the city. palo alto could expand the existing bag ban to include restaurants and require a charge for paper bags. both the san carlos and palo alto measures take effect in july. >> catholic cardinals meet at the vatican today preparing for the conclave. that is when one of the 115 men will emerge as the next leaders of the world's catho
on the developing story in 30 minutes. >> an oakland man is out prison after serving 14 years for a sexual assault he did not commit. this is the 38-year-old johnny williams leaving a few role office after a judge threw out the conviction on attempted rain charges. new d.n.a. results proved his innocence. he was convicted for 1998 attack on a girl in oakland. her family identified williams, a former neighbor, as a possible suspect. he was later convicted. the northern california innocence project worked on the case for two years. the district attorney says that the victim is understandably upset. >> this morning, an oakland woman's family is turning to the public for help in finding her. 391-year-old mask layers -- maskaleris was supposed to be on a flight to houston to visit her brother. oakland police are investigating the disappearance of the woman. >> a man speeding away from the scene of a hit-and-run caused a crash that killed three family members. the 28-year-old faces three counts of murder for saturday night's crash in daly city. he is accuses of hitting a car and then a second car with f
they lost in a military base shooting in virginia. a delta plane carrying the casket land at oakland international airport yesterday afternoon. they escorted the body to the home in the oaklandly area. 19-year-old was one two of marines killed by an instructor in virginia. the gunman is from pacifica. >>> a navy seal killed in a training accident thursday was a member of the elite unit that killed osama bin laden two years ago. he died after colliding with another navy seal in midair. the other sailor survived and is in the hospital. they say the sailor that died was a member of seal team 6 but not clear if he took part in the raid that killed bin laden. >> ten dogs were saved from a house fire in concord. firefighters were called to a home on a hillsborough drive about 6:30 p.m. they found a bunch of smoke and several bulldogs. the flames from a pot on kitchen stove. nobody was hurt and the dogs are fine. >> we're learning more this morning about how a college student lied about being rape suffered real injuries. she claimed she was raped last month on the u.c. santa cruz campus. sh
mist on the windshield this morning. check out the visibility in oakland at quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay and a.5 in concord and napa. livermore shows no fog. if you are coming from oakland and headed to the bay bridge, this is what you will drive through, the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see how thick it is. you could have mist on the windshield. in san francisco it is 48 and oakland, and san jose at 50 and walnut creek at 49 and walnut creek at 44. in san jose, you can see it is clearer than it was this time yesterday, santa rosa 43 and fairfield and napa at 41 and livermore, 45 and gilroy if you live in union city dress for 48 degrees before you head out the door. today, faster sunshine and warmer temperatures and mild so watch out for the patchy fog. we have bay area rain and sierra snow but not until next week. it is not a big storm. it is something to look forward to. that is all we have right now. we have promises of future rain as we wiped down the rain and snow season. the south bay shows temperatures nearing 80 in los gatos and morgan hill and 74 in santa clar
jose. three coached at palo alto high and in oakland. abc7 news reporter, wyoming, will have -- amy hollyfield, wil have more. >> three high performing schools will be closed after a school board revoked the chatter of american indian model schools. the district says they failed to address numerous violations that. brothered an initial investigation back in 2011. the founder is accused of improperly using millions in school funds. the board wants the charter revoked in june. the american indian charter schools can appeal the decision to the board education and the state board of education. >> a vigil is planned for high school student hit and killed by a passing train in san jose. he was killed on tuesday, near a pedestrian crossing. he posted this video on youtube of him playing the guitar. the principal says he was everyone's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing according to san francisco. it has been ruled "accident." >> michelle shock is responding to the comment fromant gay comments during a performance in san francisco saying "i do not nor have i e
a k-9 member of the richmond police department. period foot express headquartered in east oakland, is matching the $10,000 reward offered by two police unions. the police dog was poisoned at the home of the officer he partners with. guns were stolen from the home, as well, and the officer's family dog died after it was also poisoned. ought man charged with stealing a lux i didn't rate and running it aground is preparing his defense from the san mateo county jail. the other two were arrested and they is been released. the 63-year-old has pleaded not guilty to grand theft, receiving stolen property, and vandalism accused of stealing the 82' yacht and damage it on the shoreline. the others taken off the boat, a 56-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man did not know the yacht was stolen. >> our investigation convinced us they were unwitting and they understood him to have inherited the boat and they are witnesses at this point. >> the prosecution will hold the suspect liable for damages to the yacht which are estimated at 500,000 as well as the cost of the we coast guard recovery effort
rather than the documenting of it. >> oakland is launching another effort to clean up graffiti in the city. a group of veal -- volunteers painted over graffiti along the walls on kennedy street yesterday. he says he is determined to clean up the city no matter what it takes. >> i have done a document of sting operations and the individuals we have arrested do not live in oakland. they come to oakland and paint it up, and dump it. we fed up with that. we will take action. >> he picked up a lost needles where he was painting saying that indicates people are coming to the area and making bad choices. he says oakland needs to give those people a reason to change and clean up their lives. >> a silicon valley billionaire in the big apple. twitter and square co-founder says he wants to be the mayor of and says he loves the electricity he feels when he is there. in the latest ranking of the 400 wealthiest americans he was listed as 392, requiring $1.2 billion in net worth. current mayor bloomberg is listed at number ten with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. a man not far behind i
are not terrible, 29.6 minutes in san francisco and 27.8 minutes in oakland, and santa clara county drivers have an acknowledge commute of 24.7 minutes. a lot better than a mega commuter who spents 90 minutes one way, three hours round trip, on the road every day. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> rain predicted tonight could make problems in san francisco west portal neighborhood worse. a water main broke up several sinkholes and the ground is sinking in at least five locations right new, three homes are red tagged as unlivable, and some residents are worried that dust from clean up efforts are causing health problems. >> my wife has a sinus infection and double ear infection and i am getting an infection in the chest. >> insurance companies are not helping. but officials tell residents they will cough damages caused by the watermain break. >> an assault rifle stolen from a police officer's vehicle has been recovered. few vehicles have been released. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one. officials say the car was parked and locked while officers were working in the neighbor. i
, the temperatures are at 49 in san francisco, and oakland and san jose and walnut creek all at 48 and palo alto is 43 and mill valley is 42. the san mateo bridge is foggy yesterday and now it just looks hazy, the temperature running in santa rosa and napa at 43 and fairfield at 49 and hayward at 48 and dress for 44 degrees in los gatos right now. as we head into the afternoon hours we will still have the high clouds and sunshine but it will be thinner than yesterday and our highs are above average today. be partly cloudy tonight with limited fog likely and the wet mid-week weather is still in the forecast. here is down in san jose, right near h.p. pavilion, three degrees warmer in redwood city and san jose. 68 and 70. it will be 66 today in san francisco and four degrees warmer-than-average. it will be extend in oakland. livermore will be 74. the sun will set at about 7:17. we have low-to-mid 70's for most of the valley, and sunnyvale and cupertino are at 69 and santa cruz is at 72 degrees. mid-to-upper 60's if most of the peninsula and the exception is men low pack at 71. clouds are more stubb
with upper 40s san jose, oakland. and already in the mid-50s half moon bay. 55 santa cruz. the 24 hour temperatures change you may have noticed in most spots. you notice where the yellow is. it's warmer. santa rosa, novato. we talk about livermore, cooler there. hayward a little cooler. upper 70s the highs at the sonoma county airport and gilroy yesterday. 61 half moon bay. clear and mild in morning. sunny and breezy today. if you liked yesterday we can expect again similar high temperatures. the rain coming in by tuesday night. it's out of here, though, by wednesday. here's a look at our setup right now. we've got high pressure off the coast. once again, we'll have the northwesterly winds build in throughout the afternoon. so anywhere from ten to twenty miles an hour. it did get a little breezy yesterday. today a repeat performance. we will have that and the cooler numbers at the coast. elsewhere once again we will see the 70s return. around the state today, lower 50s in the northern sierra with mid-60s in the southern sierra. upper 50s coastside. otherwise look at the 70s returning f
oakland city council members accused of ethic violations deny the allegations. we told you of the story yesterday on the abc7 morning news and the oakland city auditor claims that brooks and reed told city employees who should get a $2 million demolition contract for the old oakland army base. brooks is accused of interfering with the hiring for construction of a teen center and the audit says reed ordered city employees to waive an aide's parking ticket. >> i have been official for 14 years and staff person for 15 years, and out of 30 years of being an employee of the city of oakland, now, suddenly, city staff is afraid of me? i don't think that is the case. >> brooks did not return our calls. the audit has been forwarded to the state, the d.a., and the f.b.i. to determine if any laws have been broken. >> president obama is wrapping up his visit to israel by paying respects to heroes of the percent state and victims of the holocaust and visiting the birthplace of jesus and he will travel to jordan to meet with a top ally in the region. we are joined live from washington, dc with more f
forecast, including what's going on in oakland for this morning's running festival. good luck runners! a full marathon kicking off at 7:30 this morning. >>> president obama is back in the white house this morning following his four-day trip to the middle east. the president met with the leaders of israel, jordan and the palestinian authority during his visit in what has been hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough. he persuaded israel to apologize to turkey for a commando raid three years ago that killed nine activists. >>> the debate in washington over guns, same-sex marriage and immigration rages on. coming up on "this week" it's a clash of the titans. the powerhouse round table takes on the issue. don't miss abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos right here at 8:00 on abc7. >>> the lights are back on across the bay this morning after they went out for an hour last night on purpose. it was part of a global effort to encourage people to think about conservation. abc7 news reporter centering joaquin tonna has the details onert earth hour. >> 1:30 the demand towers of the golden gate
an alameda county sheriff's deputy is pooh recovering after being shot in oakland last night. the driver deputies pulled over wound up who shoot him has died. they stopped him last night. a passenger was arrested for drug possession. according to authorities the driver then drove away dragging a deputy behind the car. deputies opened fire hitting the driver several times. one deputy suffered a gunshot wound to his foot. the name has not been released. >> new details on a shooting earlier in san francisco. they are searching for a person that shot and killed a college student. it happened near bryant and 24th street. jacob vavidiezo was home visiting family members. lilian kim has the latest. >> reporter: he is living the parents' worst nightmare. his son was shot and killed. he heard the gunshots and found his son lying on the ground. >> it hurts, it hurts. mom and dad it hurts. >> juab object was walking home with a friend after a night who out. a man got out of a car and asked him if he was in a gang and shot him several times. >> he only went for one person only. he shot him and shot
. >>> it was a much different evening in oakland. the festival was scaled back after a teenager was killed last month's he event. abc7 news reporter allen wong gives it a second look. >> suzie guerin decided to leave oakland's first friday event early because she said it's no longer the art scene it used to be. >> it got to the point it was so crowded you couldn't walk joan march. >> 8:00 crowds began funneling in and it took on a circus-like atmosphere but oakland police were going to maintain control. >> the city makes it very clear from our intentions are. >> john, who owned the beer garden, was reminded not to allow patrons to walk on to the street with beer. >> we've had to increase the number of security gauze i have to keep the cool from coming in and going out. >> the city is clamping donary an 18-year-old was shot and killed after last month's first friday event. but the crowds still game despite the new rules. >> show support. can't en scared. >> people want a save place to come out and be a part of a community. people are tired of being at home. >> this time they hired extra security and d
, abc7 news. >> oakland is trying to build bridges between the community and police. yesterday a public safety quorum was held and mayor jean quan took part in the entire four-hour town hall. they brain stormed and came up with sites of suggestion to go improve public safety and community policing. one man said this theme of people working together happens all the time in oakland. >> it's the bright side of oakland. there does exist a bright side and there does exist a group of people who care about their communities and who are just as involved in their community as any other city in the bay area. >> oakland officials say there will be another town hall meeting before the end of the month. >>> an effort to get weapons off the streets in solano county is being called wildly successful. yelled authorities at the solano county fair grounds took in 344 weapons ranging from shotguns to a military rocket launcher. every gun turned in was exchanged for either cash or gift cards. people had different reasons for giving up their guns. >> the grocery gift card, you can get groceries, gas. didn't
'8", 180 pounds and he has ties to oakland, vallejo, antioch and reno, nevada. reporting from the west county detention center in richmond, i'm allen wong, abc7 news. >>> coming up on 5:06 and new this morning, two east bay police agencies are trading cash for guns odd. fremont police are holding a gun buy back for residents of fremont, newark and union city and middleburg police will buy guns from pittsburgh or bay point residents. proof of residency is required. up to $200 will be paid for rifles, shotguns and handguns. assault weapons are forth $300 until the money runs out. those events take place from 10:00 this morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. the fremont event take place at the fire department training facility on stevenson boulevard. the pittsburgh event is atzy haul on pacific avenue. guns must be unloaded and transported in the trunk of your car. >>> in pinole police are investigating a scary attempted kidnapping that happened in broad day light. a twelve-year-old girl told her a man asked her if she wanted a ride when she walked home from school yesterday afternoon. when
it or not, we were a little built milder. it is six degrees cold this morning in oakland and it's colder in hayward, livermore and concord and with the sun not coming up another hour and a half or so the numbers will continue to droop. but we will go from our chilly morning to a much warmer average. high pressure sitting off the coast will begin to build on in in the upper levels of the atmosphere and that will bring drying and a warmer weekend. so if you thought yesterday was cool, you are right. we still are a few showers lingering san diego. palm springs -- las vegas picked up some. as the low moves into arizona it moves outs. as a result with the high pressure building in, we are up to 70 in sacramento today. still have 50s at the coast and back home we will look for plenty of 60s here. a dramatic warmup. 67 san jose. 71 in stanley crews. look at the 60s on the peninsula but still the 50s half moon bay, and 65 palo alto and about san francisco. about 64 today opening day for the little leagueers here and in the north bay some of the warmer numbers with the down-sloping winds, 07 sono
college or high school, i know it will pay off in the future. >> in oakland. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >>> oakland mayor jean quan has apologized for a lock-picking class held in her city. it attracted several interested students last night. mayor quan said the class strikes the wrong note in oakland, which is trying to reduce its crime rate. the instructor said the class is more for tech people who want to know how things work. >> we are certainly not blind to the fact it's a very loaded term, and in oakland especially the recent press coverage garnered there was a lot of mixed emotion and we were sensitive to that. we were happy with the number of community leaders who engaged in the dialogue and wanted to see what it was all about. >> it was called workshop weekend oakland and other classes include cheese makings and the basics of soldering. >> st. mary's program was based on ncaa probation. they took to the court last night for the first time since the sanctions for recruiting violations were announced. the ncaa put st. mary's on four years probation. sanctions include a loss of t
or before, and police were able to track the suspects across the bay bridge to oakland but they lost sight of the vehicle. >> two fallen santa cruz police officers are finally resting in peace after nearly 10,000 people came together to honor them. officers, dignitaries and friends and family filled san jose's h.p. pavillion to remember and celebrate the lives of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the two were shot and killed by a sexual assault suspect. they were the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. >> two heroes, two friends, taken far too soon at the hands of a madman. this was the touching tribute outside the h.p. pavilion with the uniform officers raising their hands in salute at the vehicles carrying the two officers left at the memorial. >> new this morning, a 239-year-old driver under arrest for the death of a san francisco high school student is scheduled to be in court today. the woman is charged with driving under the influence and killing the 17-year-old and faces up to ten years in prison. chang was walking
. standard at citibank. >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. it is 5:12. it looks dreamy in this live picture of the golden gate bridge with traffic and cars headed toward the toll plazas that are not manned by anyone. all electronic now. second full morning of this. going well so far. as for the clouds and the sprinkles out there we are check ing with lisa argen and talk to our new traffic reporter, leyla gulen. >> one letter difference between dreamy and dreary. >> judge will consider a change of venue request from the attorney for a teenage accused of stealing a fancy car saying he cannot get a fair trial because of all of the publicity. he is accused of stealing a celebrity's chefs sports car to impress a girl and trying to kill the girl and her boyfriend. the attorney says that extensive media coverage of the case could taint the jury pool and wants the two cases tried separately. >> los angeles police are searching if two men who forcibly kidnapped a 10-year old girl from her bedroom. yesterday morning. she was found mor
in the lanes and we go to the east bay and the oakland area and we have 880 both directions between high and embarcardero until 5:30. kristen and eric? >> pope francis has begun the first full day as leader of the 1.2 billion catholics. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with new video of the pontiff and more bay area reaction. katie marzullo? >> it will be a busy day for pope francis. people are waiting to see how he will lead the embattled roman catholic church. what he will not do today is seeing his predecessor, pope benedict xvi, the vatican says that meeting occurs in a few days. pope francis began the morning as pope with prayer. this is video this morning, arrives at st. mary behalf sill ask with a flower arrangement and sets it on the altar before kneeling in prayer. later he will celebrate mass with the cardinal whose elected him. in the bay area the celebrations began last night gathering in san jose and most members of san jose's argentine club are happy saying he is intelligent and a man of principle. one man is caucus with the praise. >> i have a wait-and-see attitude b
procedure at children's hospital in oakland. they live in nevada. >>> donating bone marrow is not as intrusive as it used to be. most are called pbsc which calls for peripheral blood stem cells and it's just like giving blood. if you would like to register as a potential donor we have a link on our website in see it on tv. lisa argen is keeping track of the forecast. what is in store yesterday? gorgeous. >> yes. are we tired of it yet? >> no. >> good. we will keep it coming. it's clear out there. here's a look from the suit tremendous camera. temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s in the north bay but no fog to speak up. that means a nice warmup. we still have spring break going on. we will talk about that when we return. >> thanks, lisa. and talk about the being star struck. people on the east coast were treated to a show in the night sky, and it is caught on video. plus the smartphone that started it all is back with a new model. it all is back with a new model. but is it enough in this redlet: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... u
the altamont. >> thanks. 5:12 now. >>> next, more head butting between oakland and its new police compliance director. the new dispute that has the city going after his paycheck. >>> the lesson on why not to break the law. the important thing two women left behind after dodging a subway fare. >>> first, this morning's america's money report. >>> home prices were up more than 8% in january from the year before. that's the sharpest annual increase in more than six years. prices are still 29% below their peak seven years ago before the housing bubble burst. at this week's new york auto show cadillac unveiled a new version of its cts sedan with major changes on the inside. the jeep cherokee is also back with a less boxy style and lots of luxury options. the honda's top of the line odyssey minivan has a first. a built-in vacuum cleaner. this happens to be the brain child of a honda engineer after a messy family trip. that's america's >>> good wednesday morning. 5:15 is our time. a live look here at the embarcadaro in san francisco. across the bay. we've got some clouds out there this morning, whi
gate bridge and temperature right now in san francisco is 49 and oakland is 48 and san jose is 46 and pleasanton is 42 and palo alto is warmer at 51 and mill valley is 44. in san jose we are look at 87 and 24 hour temperature change, three degrees warmer in oakland and five in santa rosa, and six to eight in concord and san jose. starting in the south bay we will have mid-to-upper 70's in most neighborhoods and cupertino 72 and santa cruz and sunshine and 75. we will have low-to-mid 60's along the coast and some of the mid-60's spill into millbrae and mostly low 70's for the peninsula and upper 60's in downtown and 66 in south san francisco and 70's in sausalito and wonderful time to be in wine country. low-to-mid 60's at your beach with increasing sunshine and 70 to 71 on the east bay shore and 71 to 75 is the spread in the east bay valley. tone, it will be another mild night with fog possible near the coast with clouds and upper 40's for the bay and coach. there are dangerous sneaker waves around today so watch out for the beaches as you try to walk around the outcrops of rocks
-known bay area journalist killed in an accident. former oakland tribune reporter bill grand was hit by a train in 2009. he died at the hospital two weeks later. a lawsuit claims that he was in a crosswalk when he was hit. today, the agency's board will discuss whether to approve a $900,000 payout to his widow. >> in palo alto, the man arrested for stealing 10,000 prescription pills will be in court today for arraignment. the 34-year-old worked at the palo alto medical foundation. investigators say he broke into the pharmacy overnight on march 2, and stole several drugs. the drugs were covered along with drug paraphernalia in his hope. >> people can breeze ether this morning after a suspected metropolitan lab has been dis-- a meth lab has been dismantled. we brought this story to you live. police are carped after chemicals were discovered in a home near the lake. a 25-year-old was arrested at the scene and haz-mat was called in to remove materials from the home in san francisco the neighbors were evacuated but let back in a short time later. >> spring is about to "spring" on us. befo
in oakland and upper 50's shoreline and a cool evening. if you are planning the rest of the week, tomorrow we will have clouds and not speaking of any rain for wednesday but thursday a chance of showers and mid-60's and by friday, a warm medium behind the weak system and the seven-day outlook, you will stay tuned if you have plans for easter. sue? >> hello, everyone, at home if you are ready to get out for the morning drive we have a nice one through san jose, north 87, the commute direction beyond c.h.p. pavilion, very few headlights headed in the nobody direction so it is a good looking ride. now the road work shows lanes blocked, the left lane by the village, southbound 101 and you will find also one lane over the waldo toward the golden gate bridge and that is wrapping up soon, and the city, southbound, 101, ramp to eastbound 80 is closed until 6:00 this morning. >> it is 5:07. crews worked late into the night to finish the much anticipated devil's slide tunnels define pacifica and half moon bay and have it ready for drivers for this morning's commute. as of 11:00 they only had one tunnel
to nine in concord and sfo to six at oakland and five at hayward and just at three at redwood city. headed through the morning it will be cloudy for the better part of the morning commute but dry with the mid-to-upper 40's and clouds at noon from the low 50's at the coast and mid-50's to the rest of us. we will reach up to 60 by 4:00. them then fall back in the 40's to low 50's headed through 7:00 tonight. it will be cooler tonight than this morning. tomorrow, here is what happens: get the wet weather gear out today. get ready for tuesday when we will have rain, scattered showers on wednesday, and to a lesser extent, showers on thursday. notice the temperatures in the 50's for highs on wednesday and thursday, the cool of the days in the forecast. how is the commute, sue? >> so far, so good. getting back to work on this monday morning. san mateo bridge beyond the toll plaza, the flat section, toward the high-rise, a good-looking ride, just a few brake lights at the high-rise but no significant delays between hayward and the peninsula. we still have road work making your way to highway four
of lighter fluid in the area. >> jewelry box from the oakland museum is back where it belongs after being stolen. oakland police arrested this man who may also be connected to a november 12 break in at the museum when three pistols and several gold nuggets were stolen. they have not been recovered. the gold and jewelry box was then off yesterday, it is worth $800,000. it was stolen on january 7. police say that the burglar snuck in the museum through a locked door. the museum has made security changes. >> i didn't thing we would ever see that again. >> how do you sell something so unique of museum quality. >> obviously stolen. >> the showers overnight were loud at one time. do we have anymore remaining? >> we will start by showing you what is going on around the peninsula off skyline boulevard, a little cell right there and that is headed through woodside in the next ten minutes and west menlo park in 18 minutes and palo alto at 21 minutes. that means if you are not getting rain now you about to get a little bit rain. back over to the warm springs district you can see it is quiet compared
of an inch and more than .1" in union city and oakland and just shy of that at concord. you can see the radar showing that, now, the cell that went over the golden gate bridge is over angel island and alcatraz. we have good radar runs headed to sonoma and headed if this direction the rain has moved away from mountain view and from the sunol grade you will have a better chance of light rain. it is moving from southwest to northeast for the bet radar return upextreme of the north bay. it looks like you will have a better chance of organized wet weather through morning hour but all of us have a chance of periods of rain through the morning commute with showers developing as we head to noon and they will be scattered in the afternoon hours and by 7:00 the dry public starts to move in with temperatures struggling in the 50's and 60's and we will be warmer tomorrow and breezy and warmer with a lot sunshine on friday and saturday. sue? >> in surprise with all the rain in the north bay we have multiple incidents happening in the north bay, and first of all, good news in santa rosa the ramp to northbo
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